Rear Heater 1998 Safari Sahara

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Rear Heater 1998 Safari Sahara

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OK, mostly curious here! Both the front and rear thermostats (which are mostly just a switch you have to get up and move for heat/cool or turn off heat/cool!) have a cooling and heating toggle switch with middle position off.

The rear heat thermostat position seems to do nothing! I have not found a rear heater so am wondering if I missed it in my searching or is the heat position in the rear just a joke?

(this is NOT the hurricane type heater--regular propane forced air furnace)
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Re: Rear Heater 1998 Safari Sahara

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If the interior heating design is similar like our 2000 Continental, the heating unit and blower is located at the bottom of the bedroom wardrobe.

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Re: Rear Heater 1998 Safari Sahara

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Generic part, my 96 geti has the same ones. They owned a pallet load of them and put them in all SMCs. Pretty common on the shelves at RV parts shops too
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