Going to try the A/C air flow mod

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Going to try the A/C air flow mod

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My question before I start, does the A/C control box need to be in the airflow stream? In either the warm or cold side. Currently, it is in the cold side in a cutout in the roof.
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There is a company that sells a device that "increases air flow 40%". https://rvairflow.com/ It is pricey and won't work the way the duct runs through the middle of the A/C hole.

So, going to make my own using Youtube links of the mod.

I have already installed micro-air EasyStart on both A/Cs. I can now run both A/Cs using the generator. There is no longer a loud noise when the compressor starts. The generator barely changes speed when the A/C compressor kicks on.
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Re: Going to try the A/C air flow mod

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How did this all turn out? What was the final result and are you happy?
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