Rec Pro 15K AC w/Heat Pump

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Rec Pro 15K AC w/Heat Pump

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Has anyone swapped out their OEM Domestic for this RecPro AC with Heat Pump? Our Dometic Penguin is still running after 25 years, and still loud as ever. But I'm hoping to preempt difficulties and add a Heat pump to the unit since we had to remove furnace when we installed a residential electric Refrigerator/Freezer. The RecPro is reported to be quieter and doesn't require thermostat & wiring. Any experiences with RecPro. AC units appreciated. Thanks Tom, 3730 Ivory Edition, 3126 CAT
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Re: Rec Pro 15K AC w/Heat Pump

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A friend of mine replaced his original Dometic with a new Dometic heat pump unit. He had issues with thermostat wiring to adapt to the new system, but otherwise he says that the unit works well on both heating and cooling. He does state that when temps get below 35 degrees, that the heat becomes ineffective. There is a write up, with photos on a fellow Safari owner who installed a direct vent propane stove in his coach. If you plan using your coach in cold weather, you might want to consider having another source of heat besides just the heat pump. Many RVers are now installing mini split, inverter unit heat pumps. They are very quiet, use much less energy, and usually still produce decent heat in lower temps, down to 20 degrees, if I recall correctly.
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