Dometic Penguin 2 Heat Pump Dripping

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Dometic Penguin 2 Heat Pump Dripping

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My coach was on our property in TN this October when temps were getting into the 40s at night. I started using the heat pump in the front Dometic Penguin 2 low profile AC unit. After running for awhile it started leaking water into the coach. I went up to the roof and made sure there was no debris in the pans and that the drains are clear. Still leaks. I tightened the 4 screws that hold the AC unit down a couple of turns to make sure it wasn't leaking under that. Still leaks and am contemplating getting a new seal. Now home in Central Florida I again took the covers off both AC units to make sure they were clean with no debris. Last week my Wife's Sister came to visit. We put her up in the RV and I turned on the rear heat pump to keep her warm. You guessed it, it also started leaking in the middle of the night. I have heard of some Beaver coaches that have drain tubes. I know there is not one in the rear because a friend and I replaced that whole unit last June. I looked and can't find anything like that in the front either. The coach is parked on level concrete in both places with bags dumped. It does not leak with the AC running to keep it cool in the coach. Help!! What could be causing these leaks to come into the coach.
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Re: Dometic Penguin 2 Heat Pump Dripping


I would bet the base seal

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Re: Dometic Penguin 2 Heat Pump Dripping

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Same leaker on mine. took off inside housing...and cleaned it and the filters ( a novel idea ;) ). I reached in the front intake area hole and felt in that hollow tray area where the hold down bolt is and electrical box is and there was water. It is above the foam roof seal which could leak but I know from school that water does NOT go uphill. Took off the roof cover where I found some cracks in the cover over the screw hole so I patched the cover from the underside and saw water in the front housing. Drain tubes don't work so I drilled some 1/8" draining holes of my own in the low points of the housing making sure, with a metal plate between it and the roof, not to drill thru the roof. the angled metal cover up there obviously doesn't seal or stay sealed forever but now the water doesn't pool if it gets under the AC cover
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