Change over to Dometic Penguine II

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Change over to Dometic Penguine II


More on my fiasco effort of changing to a Dometic Penguine II AC/Heat pump. In the written info at PPL it does not there or at Dometic differentiate between a multi zone thermostat unit and a single zone controlled unit. The only way to know is to know the part numbers or ask the tech serving you. They do not ask you! AS I tried to sort out what was wrong I called Dometic's tech line and they were of ZERO help. As I tried to discuss the issue of a Part number on the box the AC unit was shipped in, which even they could not find, while trying to find an install/operators manual, she stated they could not help me. She ultimately transferred me to a male tech and he flatly and succinctly told me they could not help and to call whoever I bought it from. He said they were set up to help the wholesaler only....what? Another point of interest Duo Therm and Dometic are the same company today, too bad.

So it boils down to returning the multi zone unit, no board change as indicated by some at PPL. The thermostat was returned and the main unit to be when the correct unit arrives as the wrongly ordered unit needs a box to be returned in. The correct single zone thermostat has arrived and the main unit on the way I think. Just think 20% restock and return postage/freight. It is going to be an expensive upgrade.

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Re: Change over to Dometic Penguine II

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Any update to this thread? Did you end up getting the single zone unit and board and got it all working okay?

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Re: Change over to Dometic Penguine II

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Bill unfortunately has had to step away from the forum due to lack of time and other constraints, but I will try to find out what exactly he ended up doing. All I recall is last winter he told me that the 15K btu heat pumps worked great and heated the coach up quickly.
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Re: Change over to Dometic Penguine II

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I made the change over too, and with Bill’s insight was able to figure it out. Here’s what Bill posted on Facebook.
“ Jeff Jordan my system is up and running!! Here is what to do. The grey box, relay box is not needed if PPL sent you one. If you have the single zone Dometic Penguin 15k btu w/heat pump. Pull the clear plastic 110 in plug apart to access the wire ends. These will attach directly to the 10 Romex supplying the original DuoTherm. The remaining small 18 ga wires from ac will tie into appropriate wires from original galvanized DuoTherm relay box. Only three wires will be used to power new digital thermostat. You willl needs single zone thermostat with only 3 touch buttons.”

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