Looking at new theater recliner couch

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Looking at new theater recliner couch

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Hi folks!

My wife and I think it’s time to replace the original sleeper sofa in our ‘01 Zanzibar with a 72” dual recliner with drink holder in the middle. We have the “interesting” side entry door that zigs up at an angle.

Firstly, I “assume” that the old one comes out in pieces in order for its removal and that the same can be said for the new one to go into the rig in pieces and then assembled if it is made for an RV.

Secondly, I would like to hear from any members who would like to comment on any brands to steer clear of and any brands that are quality.

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Re: Looking at new theater recliner couch

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No personal experience but I've read some posts where folks found that removing a window was preferable to wrangling furniture through the doorway.
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