Advice cleaning up cupboard hinges

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Advice cleaning up cupboard hinges

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Well into the interior revamp, I am looking for some advice on cleaning up these brass hinges, or at least what appears to be brass as it is cost prohibitive to replace 60 of these things throughout the coach, but these are pretty rundown looking, so wondering how to clean them up or buff them out.
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Re: Advice cleaning up cupboard hinges

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Try Mother's Mag and aluminum polish. I had a friend who polishes large brass chandeliers for a church. On a suggestion from a former body guy, he tried the Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish. He said it was a night and day difference compared to the various brass polishes he use to use. I saw the chandelier and it looked amazing. I would also suggest using a stiff tooth brush to get into all the nook and crannies...

Here is a link to it, places like Auto Zone usually carry it too. ... B00068GEJM
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