Replace ceiling carpet ( headliner) with 1x4 Cedar TNG

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Replace ceiling carpet ( headliner) with 1x4 Cedar TNG

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Hi everybody I have a 1995 40 ft Safari Serengeti and I'm sick of looking at carpet on my ceiling.
It is stained from leaks in its past and the glue is letting go so it is now sagging. . Can anybody tell me what the ceiling is constructed of and if it would support a 1x4 tongue and groove Cedar upgrade and if not what I can do to make it work. Thanks
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Re: Replace ceiling carpet ( headliner) with 1x4 Cedar TNG

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Basically a wood roof structure, carpet is attached to thin luan plywood 1/8" thick. I would cut around the edge of the visible carpet and remove all carpet, obviously remove lights first. Then luan is attached to 3/4"thick plywood upright trusses, you will be able to see the luan stapled into the trusses when carpet is down, spaced about 16" apart except where the vents are located as 3/4" ply creates the opening and support for the roof air conditioner and ceiling fans holes. Insulation consists of paper lined fiberglass batts. 2 runs of wires left and right side about 2 feet in from the inside walls with steel protective straps to watch out for when nailing your cedar planks front to back would be your best direction of installation. roof air conditioner and fans just remove interior trim and reinstall trim when done.
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