Front Windscreen

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Front Windscreen

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Hi from New Zealand.
I've also asked on facebook, in case some people don't use one or the other.
We have a big stone chip on the (as built) passenger side windscreen, can't be repaired I'm told.
Does anyone have a cross-reference to a truck etc windscreen that will fit?
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Re: Front Windscreen

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There should be numbers in one of the corners of the windshield and big glass companies should be able to cross reference them.
If you still don't have any luck, consider calling one of the big glass companies in the US and see if they can help you to at least get the right numbers.
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Re: Front Windscreen


This is not hard and I replied as to where from the Facebook Safari Motorhomes. But to,answer the initial question about any “truck” screen that will fit. Highly unlikely as in nil to zip, no. Second question where to get.? One of the primary sources is Coach Glass as theY have 4 warehouses around the US and is the predominant resource. Wholesale cost for that piece is around $532. The average cost in the US for glass and install is between $1,200 and $1,700. My wholesale cost was $818 including freight and shipping costs as I have a shop, more retired than not but still a valuable resource. This is not something that you will likely be able to handle as a do it yourself project. Dang glass is heavy and it takes 2 or 3 people to set it, two outside and one to pull the chord inside assuming you know what you are doing. Call your insurance folks and let them handle it.

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