Loose mirror interiors

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Loose mirror interiors

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I've got a 96 Sahara 3044 with the side mirrors, and the drivers side has about 1/4" of play in it when you push in the top or bottom on the interior mirror assembly. Has anyone had any luck tightening up a loose mirror like those (they are Velvac Mirrors), and if so, how did you get the insert out without breaking it? Right now I've got a small piece of pipe foam wedged in to hold things in place better, but I'd like to fix it a little bit more permanent if such a thing exists. Trying to look for information on the Velvac site is almost zero worth since these mirrors are different than the ones they show now (mine look to have a stud that goes in from the bottom of the arm to secure it, where the later ones all have a set screw to hold the arm into the socket). The interior piece is solid (no flex between the mirror and the convex), just that the whole interior piece moves - a lot!

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Re: Loose mirror interiors

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I'm pretty sure the mirrors are held in with 3 barbed plastic fingers.
I found this link for:

How to Replace the Mirror Inner Support Plate
Guidelines for how to replace the inner support plate in Deluxe mirror heads
https://www.velvac.com/sites/default/fi ... _plate.pdf
It's complete with pictures. I think it will help you.
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