Fuel Sending Unit Access Port

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Fuel Sending Unit Access Port

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Looks like Ive got a bad fuel sending unit and was wondering if anyone had ever cut an access hole in their floor to access it without having to remove the fuel tank? Was thinking that could be an options and use a marine type deck cover and put a carpet running over it.

Tried searching the site but didn't find anything.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Fuel Sending Unit Access Port

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I know this is really late for you, but since no one else had responded, maybe my posting will wake up the crowd?

Is your dash fuel gauge pegging to the full side, the empty side, or somewhere inbetween. Does it move any as you use fuel? Or stationery in the same place all the time? The gauge in my Sahara is pegged over-full all the time. Has been this way for over 20 years. Original owner got a new replacement gauge from SMC and installed it, only to have the same situation. I have both gauges and have had them confirmed to work properly, so not a problem with the gauge. The overfull condition has been reported as being caused by an open circuit (broken or disconnected wire) between the sending unit in the tank and the gauge. A grounded connection would show empty. I would hesitate to cut that hole in the metal floorboard above the tank unless you know precisely where the fuel sender access is in the tank, and just how much clearance you have between the floor and the tank, as you don't want to puncture and ruin the tank.

My solution has been to connect a Silverleaf VMS-pc device to the diagnostic port under the dash and monitor the fuel tank level on my PC, along with lots of other stuff, while driving. It can show me the amount of fuel for fillup as I go, so I know how much further till empty. AFter 500-700 miles on the tank, it will be with a half gallon of correct when I fill. I have averaged 8.25 mpg over the last 35,000 miles, and routinely fill when I have used less than 1/2 of the 90 gallon capacity. I tow a 4,000 pound vehicle, and run between 60 and 64 mph.
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