3 questions: Pop Rivets, Audible temp alarm, Rear inner axle seal?

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3 questions: Pop Rivets, Audible temp alarm, Rear inner axle seal?

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Ok, have been meaning to post these questions since this past Monday and some other project takes me away from the thought. But today is the day! Three separate questions on superset systems with my Connie (‘95 Continental, 8.3L Cummins) being the common denominator. 1) Pop rivets, best ones to use? I started to get stainless then got to thinking they may be too rigid for the side panels. Should I try for a softer more flexible metal? I have several on my belt line pieces that need to be reworked.
2) Audible temperature alarm! I want to incorporate an audible alarm interfacing with my coolant temp gauge. I’m only finding various new gauges, digital and analog, but none that offer a setting to trigger an audible alarm at say 220 degrees F. Connie is pre OBDII do those ideas won’t work.
3) Eaton rearend INNER axle seal part number? It’s next weeks project. This is just a prep idea, as I’m hoping and confident my loca Napa will recognize whatever I pull out (as long as it’s not already destroyed.)
Thanks again for your KSA’s, and time spent replying. Peace out!
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Re: 3 questions: Pop Rivets, Audible temp alarm, Rear inner axle seal?

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Willie, I am not an expert on this but had to rivet my drivers front quarter panel. I pulled it loose when I was stuck on a hill sideways.

(1). I used aluminum (HF) rivets but added a thin washer on the back side to spread the force, stainless may require this if used against fiberglass because of the increased force to compress the rivet, plus they are different metals, I don't know if the galvanic effect appiles. It seems pretty solid. I have a few others to do where the hole enlarged and the head wore thru. I will use the same technique on these where possible. Just an idea to pass on.

(2). This is very simple, you can buy a programmable temperature controller for $20 with a display and some have built in alarms. I used this on cooling control for my inverter. I think I included the controller in the presentation on the inverter. Look into newer and higher function controllers as in $30, then I used. The gotcha is they look all the same, but the internal software limits or excludes some functions. These are used for brewing beer and hatching chicks.

They come with a temperature probe. You can hook up a beeper, horn or anything you want to control from the closure contacts. Some have Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts. You want a normally open contact that closes when the set point is hit then contact closes. One side of the contact goes to ground the other to the horn/audible device the other side of the audible device goes to 12v.

What you will have to do is run wires rear to front to install the device in the front. Or you can find a controller that has bluetooth link modules, or install a transmitter module to remote the controller to the front. I would run a single wire and remote the audible device.

If have more questions send me a message and I will try to help.
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Re: 3 questions: Pop Rivets, Audible temp alarm, Rear inner axle seal?

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I would not recommend steel rivets, as they will leave rust stains over time. Safari used aluminum rivets, and that is what I use when needed. I have not had any issues.

My coach is the same year as yours, with the same non electronic engine. The gauges are not very accurate, that said, on my coach, there is an alarm, it goes off when the gauge shows around 225+. I would presume that it is triggered by a temp sensor in the block, and you would just need to get a sending unit that will trigger at a lower temperature.

As for axle seals, assuming you have an Eaton axle. I looked through a lot of old posts, and the only numbers I came by is:


National 370023A

I'm not sure if these are the correct numbers, but the odds might be in your favor. If you have a bore scope, you might be able to get the numbers off of your seal. Assuming that you have an Eaton axle, I would also suggest to give Eaton a call, make sure you have you axle model and serial number and weight capacity info be for you call.
Let us know how you make out...
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Re: 3 questions: Pop Rivets, Audible temp alarm, Rear inner axle seal?


Rivets, all kinds to choose from. Yes Safari did use aluminum rivets but with steel shanks as they pull much tighter. Another thing about these little fasteners, they pull tighter and are much more effective when tight, and if pulled with an air driven rivet gun they are very tight. These devices are not terribly expensive, under 200 for a good one and a bit over A hundred for less so. The typical hand puller will get them to pop but not nearly as tightly. Aluminum shanked rivets are short lived in these rigs because they do not pull tight enough to stay tight, often warbling out the hole so a washer or larger rivet is necessary.

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