Cellular signal boosters

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Cellular signal boosters

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I've been doing some research and for those of us who want to or will be boondocking in remote areas AND trying to work a few to several hours a day, connectivity (data) is of major importance. My question is more along the lines of running coax cable from the rear of the coach on top of the roof rather than which solutions are better than others. I am currently pondering getting one of these boosters that utilize an omnidirectional antenna and connects the antenna to the inside unit via a 50 ohm coaxial cable. The kicker here is that one potential solution (popular, inexpensive and well-reviewed) has an internal box inside the coach that should be ideally 30 feet away from the omnidirectional antenna.

I am curious how I should run that cable from the rooftop at the rear of my 37' coach to the living room area on the passenger side of the coach. I prefer to not run it along the top of the roof but am open to some creative ideas. :) My rear bedroom closet could be an entry point from the roof but getting it all the way to the front room area could be painful. I don't want to start drilling holes and then run into an issue that has me aborting a cable run. :shock:

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