Replacing Exterior Water Heater Door

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Replacing Exterior Water Heater Door

Post by Safari98 »

I have a ‘98 Safari Trek on which I recently lost the exterior water heater door while traveling.

From research, I was able to find a door replacement for the Suburban 6 gallon heater model I have.

When it arrived the “kit” contained the door and new exterior bezel all in one. It appears that the exiting entire exterior bezel must be removed and replaced by the new bezel and door “kit”

My questions:

Has anyone done this work before ? Are there helpful hints or videos anywhere that guide the process ?

Thanks, Ron (Safari98)
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Re: Replacing Exterior Water Heater Door

Post by 05wingrider »

Replacing the bezel is time consuming since some of them have sealant under them, but it's not an impossible task. There are usually 2 screws that go into the body of the water heater that hold the bezel in place - remove the screws, then gently pry the old bezel away from the body of your rig. I found that the nylon plastic scrapers at places like Lowes and Home Depot work great for being able to insert along the edge between the bezel and the body, gently working it along the entire perimeter. I had an old milk jug that I cut into strips to put along the edge of my RV when I replaced mine so that the scraper wasn't actually resting on the side, it was on the plastic to keep it from marring the side of my rig.
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Re: Replacing Exterior Water Heater Door

Post by curry »

I just used the door. I kept the bezel. Ir's still in the garage in the original box. It wasn't hard.
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