Courtesy guidelines to the site (Rules of the road)

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Courtesy guidelines to the site (Rules of the road)

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Thanks to our Admin, we now have a totally functioning website, and with all the new growth we thought some basic rules should be suggested.
1. Try to see if anyone has posted your question before. There's a lot of legacy data that may give the answer that you are looking for, or may help steer you in the correct direction. The "Search" box at the top corner is an excellent tool to start looking.

2. Please, don't post in all caps - it's referred to as "shouting" and can be very difficult to read

3. Be careful what you say. Remember, the rest of us can't see your facial expressions to know how you meant something to sound, and it is very easy to misconstrue a simple comment sometimes. Disagreements happen - but the key is to keep them as minimal as possible.

4. Please try to avoid "hijacking" a topic with something that's totally not related to the initial thread. Please create a new topic for your question/comment so that the search function doesn't become overloaded with immaterial items. Plus it's a courtesy to others ;) .

5. Casual mention of a business or agency is one thing, but we don't want to become an advertisement for businesses. Keep it Safari related.

6. Remember that not everyone on here has the same abilities - both with their Coach and with their Computer. A little bit of politeness can go a long way to help others understand what you are saying, or how you are trying to tell them a repair/fix.

7. We have a vast wealth of knowledge both here in this site and in our members - please - help keep it going and growing!
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