Been away for a while, but back in service now

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Been away for a while, but back in service now

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Greetings all,

Over the last several months, many events have occurred that took my attention away from managing this forum. Now that I've been able to spend some time doing forum maintenance and various other back-end infrastructure updates, all systems should be normal now.

Sadly, one of the events was my Continental catching fire while parked in the driveway at Thanksgiving. We were incredibly fortunate that it started while I was in the driveway stringing up Christmas lights. Three fire extinguishers and a whole lot of water from the garden hose got it under control. It was an electrical fire, something in the 12 VDC house circuits. Even though the fire damage was initially thought to be just a wiring harness behind the refrigerator (no, the fridge was not the cause of the fire), the electrical damage was actually pretty extensive. In a sign from the heavens perhaps, the chassis 12 VDC system was unaffected and I was able to drive the coach to the repair shop. After efforts to try and identify the actual cause proved fruitless, the insurance company said enough was enough and totaled the coach.

The Continental is now gone, and after much discussion, we ended up purchasing a brand new fifth wheel RV to replace it. I'll miss the Safari, with all its little quirks, but I will not miss the cost of owning it. Motorhomes and high-end Mercedes cars have one thing in common: unless you are a do-it-yourself type of person (I'm really not), you will spend a lot of money on them, either up front at purchase time, or on the back end with repair and maintenance costs.

Even though my Safari is now history, I don't mind continuing to host this forum and the name. The cost for me to host the forum is basically zero at this time, but in all honesty, I don't plan to spend a lot of time here going forward. So with that, I'd like to make the offer that if someone else wants to take over operation of the forum, and members are in agreement, I will turn it over to whoever the lucky person might be. And if no one is in a place to be able to take it, everything will still continue as usual, and I will work to be more diligent in system monitoring and maintenance.

Thanks for your patience during this period of neglect, but be assured that things have improved and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Safe travels to all,

(Brian Pete)
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