Alarm System?

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Alarm System?

Post by acruz »

I was wondering what alarm system is everybody using? I'm trying to find something for my Sahara, but I'm seeing mostly door alarms and residential systems. Not sure what's best for an RV. Any suggestions?
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Re: Alarm System?

Post by Neilwade »

For an RV like your Sahara, you'll want an alarm system that specifically caters to the unique needs of recreational vehicles, including protection against break-ins and potential gas leaks or fires. Here are a few popular and reliable options:

1. **RV Guardian by Safe-T-Alert**: This system offers comprehensive security, including smoke, propane, and carbon monoxide detection. It’s designed specifically for RVs and provides peace of mind with its multiple safety features.

2. **SimpliSafe**: Although known for residential use, SimpliSafe can be customized for RVs. It offers door and window sensors, motion detectors, and environmental sensors that can detect smoke and water leaks. Its wireless setup and portability make it a good option for RVs.

3. **RV Whisper**: This is a monitoring system rather than a traditional alarm system. It uses wireless sensors to monitor temperature, propane levels, battery voltage, and more. You get alerts on your phone, allowing you to address potential issues before they become problems.

4. **Ring Alarm**: Another residential system that can be adapted for RV use. The Ring Alarm offers door/window sensors, motion detectors, and a camera system that you can monitor remotely via an app. It’s a versatile and customizable option.

5. **Victron Energy Battery Monitor**: While not an alarm system per se, this monitor helps you keep an eye on your RV’s power system, preventing potential issues that could lead to emergencies.

When selecting an alarm system, ensure it covers all entry points of your RV and includes features like motion sensors, glass break sensors, and environmental monitoring for smoke and gas leaks. Always choose a system that allows for remote monitoring and alerts via your smartphone for added convenience and security.
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