Allison 3060 output speed sensor

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Allison 3060 output speed sensor

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Right after hitting the road to full time I noticed my speedometer was reading 10 mph too slow. Not only that, but the Intellidrive computer would read the correct speed until about 60mph where it would read zero. This was compared to my GPS speed. When I first start off from a stop the speedo takes a while to register, then slowly pulses back and forth a little until stabilizing 10mph too slow. The transmission occasionally shift harshly but is otherwise fine with no error codes. I've read this may be caused by a failing output speed sensor on the transmission. The problem is, I'm on the road a ways from any major city with an Allison dealer. I've looked at online auto parts stores and of course there's no listing for a Safari Motorhome when doing a parts search. Interestingly enough, there are a couple matches that look the same, but I have no way of telling. Knowing the Allison 3060 was used in countless vehicles from medium trucks, to buses and motorhomes, I can't help but believe this is a common part that shouldn't be hard to find if I only knew what to search for. One option I have is to pull it out and take it to a NAPA and see if they can match it.

Does anyone know a cross reference to the part? Or a common vehicle it was used in?

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Re: Allison 3060 output speed sensor

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The only things I can suggest is crawling underneath and getting the Allison model and series number down, and giving Allison a call. I could be wrong, but as far as I can recall, Allison has its own input and output shaft sensors and being that the CAT ECM communicates with the Allison, that is likely were the intellidrive gets it speed info, same for the speedometer. I know, that on the non computerized engines, like my coach has, the speedometer gets its signal from the alternator, and the Allison has its own sensors to control the shifting parameters.

Also, many of the parts for Safaris cross with Ford medium duty trucks and buses, and some Chevy Kodiak buses too, but I don't know how much of help this will be.

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