New Shocks my experience

Pretty much everything on the bottom side of the coach: Steering, wheels, tires, brakes, suspension
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New Shocks my experience

Post by hjw » Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:26 am

Several months ago I started doing some research on the suspension of my 94 Safari Serengeti with the hopes of finding solutions to the harsh ride and wandering. I know many of you have already been down this road but I thought I would write a short review of what I experienced. With information I read online and good advice from John on the Yahoo board I decided to start small and simply replace the shocks all around. My coach had a good set of Bilstien shocks installed by the PO and at first I was reluctant to replace good quality shocks that weren’t very old but I went ahead on good advice and ordered a set of Koni shocks. I got the part numbers from John (88-1641SP3 front and 88-1458SP1 for the rear) and set them up as he suggested and installed them while in the campground. Much to my surprise the coach felt much different and I noticed the improvement right away. Smaller bumps which always seemed very harsh were much less stiff and the “porposing” action I had experienced at bridge transitions was greatly diminished. The wandering effect which I found a bit unnerving when a tractor trailer passed me was significantly less. Since the shock replacement we have travelled from the North country of New York to northern Virginia and then down to west Texas and our Safari is much more pleasurable to drive and the ride is greatly improved! This was one of those upgrades that was simple yet produced a profound difference in ride, handling and less stress while traveling.

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Re: New Shocks my experience

Post by TDJohn » Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:17 pm


Thank you for the detailed feedback. We need mpre of this kind of input, as it helps others that my be struggling with this.

That said, considering how long Koni's have been suggested, with real life input showing vast improvement in ride quality, it still amazes me that 8 to 10 years down the road, people are still putting other brand shocks on, and then expressing frustration of poor ride quality. I guess some choose to listen and some choose to attempt to reinvent the wheel. :roll: In any case, feed back is very important, at least for the ones that listen. :mrgreen:

Speaking of feedback, if I recall correctly, there were one or two members that were trying out the Koni EVO99 shocks. This is a new series and there is no information on dampening numbers, so if there are members that are using this shock, please provide feedback, so we can all learn and know if there are additional effective options out there.

As a reminder to all members, especially the ones with non air ride suspensions, it is very important to order shocks by part number listed on this group and NOT by make model of the coach, otherwise you will get the less effective shocks and waste a bunch of money.
If you are not sure of which numbers are correct or can't find the numbers, don't hesitate to ask, we will provide the info needed. :D
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