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Stair cover

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Hi Just bought a 2000 Safari Continental 425 Panther and the slide over the steps doesn't work and switches I can't read. Can anyone tell me the
location of the switches to operate the cover

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Re: Stair cover

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The switch is on the dash closest to the left front of the passenger. It is air operated. All the best with your new coach.

There is information on repairs to the passenger slide in the presentation I did on the air system. Look for the section on the air system in my signature link, it was also posted on this site.

Remove the switch plate and clip lead or connect the two terminals together on the switch when you have full air pressure and the slide should close. If it just moves but does not close the electrical is good but the air ram pushing the plate may be blocked or the plate has something preventing it from sliding or the pin is disconnected. If the electrical is the problem check the voltage on the solenoid under the drivers side window in the fuse bay. Check the knobs on the air to the solenoid, one controls the extension the other the retraction. Make sure they are not turned off. Check that you have air pressure at the solenoid, you may have water in the line... Again see the link.
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