I screwed up, thank God for GFCI

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I screwed up, thank God for GFCI

Post by LionDriver »

I was running a cell booster antenna wire along the from passenger side of the coach. I took off the panel on the side of the window, ran the wire, and then Replaced the panel. Being in a hurry I didn’t check what was behind those little wooden blocks that the screws go into.


Picture is self explanatory. It triggered the GFCI in the kitchen and may have saved me from a nasty shock.

It also cut a little into that vacuum hose there. What is that vacuum hose for? It didn’t penetrated it and if it’s just for the horns I’ll probably just use flex seal tape on that and run a new romex wire there.

Lesson here: take your time and always check what is behind what you screw into.
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Re: I screwed up, thank God for GFCI

Post by TDJohn »

The horns don't use vacuum, that is likely a hose for the windshield washer fluid (assuming that is the windshield seen in the photo). Also, be aware that most of the outlets and lights are daisy changed with the romex wire...
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I screwed up thank God for GFCI

Post by Debrapiept »

If your GFCI is tripping, than it is WORKING. Figure out what s making it trip, and be thankful that it was there to do its job, because there is very likely an HSM attached to it not being there.

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