Keeping coach plugged into shore power 24x7

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Re: Keeping coach plugged into shore power 24x7

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astrnmrtom wrote:
Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:54 pm
When stored I've always kept my rigs plugged in. Checking the water level in the batteries is something that should be done periodically. How often is something you learn over time. Once a month I'd check my rig, inspecting for rodents and bugs or anything out of place. I'd run the generator and check the water level in my batteries. I discovered they lost very little water in a month so I cut it back to once every three months. Leaving them charging won't hurt them but allowing them to boil dry will.

Some people replace the fill caps with ones that have a level gauge, others add an automatic or manual filling system. The battery tray on my Serengeti didn't pull out far enough to be able to see the levels in the rear batteries so I used a mirror and flashlight. Picked up a Turkey Baster style battery filling bulb at a local auto parts store. Don't use tap water to top off the batteries. It can contain dissolved minerals that can shorten battery life. Buy a gallon of demineralized or distilled water at the grocery store. Your batteries will thank you for it.
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