Ac dual not coming on new 93 hi teck to me

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Ac dual not coming on new 93 hi teck to me

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This is my first post I recently bought a 1993 high-tech safari unfortunately it has the 5.9 with the banks power pack it does have the P 7100 Pompe which is a good thing I had a Safari about 15 years ago but I don’t remember how to turn on both air conditioning or at least to get one work it has two thermostats but when I turn the thermostat with the generator going to EC neither one comes on I don’t even know where the fuse box is or if I have to do something to both thermostats
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Re: Ac dual not coming on new 93 hi teck to me

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Your generator might not be putting out 120v ac power, and/or you transfer switch might now be engaging when the generator is running. Your refrigerator outlet (assuming your refrig is not a residential unit) should not be run off of the inverter, so you could check and see if the refrigerator switches to electric, when the generator is running. If it doesn't then it is one of the two issues listed above. If you haven't already, check the obvious, all circuit breakers in the main panel, including the main breaker.
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