Welcome to all the new members, and reminder

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Welcome to all the new members, and reminder

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I'd like to welcome all the new members to the list (seems like there are days that every time I turn around there's a new application to the group - which is totally fine with me!), and at the same time post a reminder.

It makes life a whole lot easier on everyone if people can take the time to sign their posts with what their rig is - you don't have to give information that you're not comfortable providing, but at least your year and size if nothing else. That goes a long way in helping people understand when an answer may be confusing since all our rigs are DEFINITELY not the same! They may all say Safari, but there are a lot of differences between the years and models as many people have discovered.

One huge advantage of our new hosting system is that it allows you to put a signature block that will appear on every one of your posts, so you don't have to try to remember to do it. To add a signature, it's pretty simple and straightforward. Right beside your user name at the top right corner is a drop down - use it to select Profile. On that page, click on Edit Profile along the top, then the next page will have tabs on the left, one of which is Signature (or Edit Signature). The block below is where you can put your information in that you want to show, then simply click on submit and your signature is now there on all your messages. Again, it's NOT mandatory by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure does help us to better understand what rig you are asking question about.

As one of the moderators, I'd like to thank everyone for doing their part to keep this site as great as it is!
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