Care of awning

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Care of awning

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Our '99 Trek has the original fabric/canvas like awning and is in great shape. Does anyone have one, and if so, how do you care for it? Should we waterproof it?
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Re: Care of awning

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Hi there. Our fabric is original and is 22 years old and is in pretty good shape although we have only owned it 3 years. We only put it out if we really need it. Usually we get enough shade from trees but not always. Since it seems birds like to sit on it and poo on it, what I do is use a bucket of water with just a bit of Dawn dishwashing detergent and then take a scrubbing brush on a long handle on a ladder and scrub it good and rinse very well. It comes out looking very clean. I don’t know what else you can use to prolong the life of canvas beyond 20 years, but if you find something that will, let me know!
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